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Vapor Giant

Steam and taste without compromise

Vapor Giant was founded in 2013 and quickly grew to become a giant in the vape scene. Ingenious design, precise manufacturing & excellent taste leave nothing to be desired. Vapor Giant offers high-end rebuildable atomizers, entry-level pre-built coil atomizers, battery carriers and liquids & accessories. In addition, Vapor Giant operates three stores for e-cigarettes, liquids and accessories in Innsbruck, Vienna and Linz.


Giant Taste Liquids

A brand of Vapor Giant GmbH

The high-quality – Made in Austria – bases, liquids, nicotine shots and flavours of the brand Giant Taste are known for their great price-performance ratio.
Originally founded in cooperation with inTaste / EWWK GmbH, the brand “Giant Taste” became the property of Vapor Giant GmbH at the beginning of 2020. With our fully automatic filling machines we are able to complete even larger orders promptly.


FRANKYS Restaurant

Large selection, small price

FRANKYS Restaurant has been on everyone’s lips since 2009 and offers Innsbruck’s largest selection of dishes without long waiting times and at delicious prices. Renovated and reopened in 2017.

With 74 seats (inside) and plenty of parking.

Since 2020 the FRANKYS Restaurant also offers a delivery service for Innsbruck and surrounding villages.




Tyrol’s most modern car wash

2015 Tyrol’s most modern car wash opened in Innsbruck. With the latest equipment, high-quality special agents and gentle textile washing, every car is guaranteed to be clean. Free vacuum cleaning included!

Car cleaning around the clock

For all those who prefer to maintain their vehicle by hand, the FRANKYS Cleanpark at Grabenweg 62, Innsbruck opened in 2017. Open 24 hours a day and at least 365 days a year. Now that is a service.



Your dream car is waiting for you

The used car trade is the cornerstone on which FIS Holding was built.

Since 2021 the FIS Autowelt GmbH offers again first-class used cars for high demands.
From the reliable middle class car for the whole family to the luxurious executive sedan, no car dreams remain unfulfilled.
On request, we also arrange vehicles and financing solutions.

Don’t let your dream car wait and arrange a test drive right away.

About us

The success story of the FIS Holding GmbH begins already in 2002, because in this year Franjo Stijepic lays the foundation-stone for the enterprise with the emphasis car trade. “Frankys Gebraucht-Wagenhandel” opens its doors in the “Etrichgasse” in Innsbruck. Already in 2004, only two years after the reopening, the company has to move to a larger property in the “Langer Weg”. Business is booming, so that in 2008 a second branch office is opened in “Burgenlandstraße”. This location proves to be ideal for conquering a new department: gastronomy. No sooner said than done – the first “Frankys Imbiss” opens in the Burgendlandstraße in the same year. Since 2012, the flourishing car dealership has been run exclusively on the property in Langer Weg, which has since been acquired by the FIS Group GmbH.

In 2009 the sons Stefan, Niko and Mario join the management of the family business. Since then they have not only worked hand in hand, but have also enriched the company with new business ideas. These include the Vapor Giant brand, with which the FIS Group GmbH entered the market for e-cigarettes. With sophisticated technologies and a convincing design, the three brothers have meanwhile made Vapor Giant the number 1 in Germany in the high-end sector for atomizers.

One of the next ideas was to open one of the most modern car wash facilities in Austria. To realize this plan, we rented a plot of land in the “Haller Straße” in 2014. Just one year later, in 2015, the plan became reality and “Frankys Carwash” opened its doors for the first time. In the meantime, the property also belongs to the company. So does the former “Cleanpark” at the Grabenweg 62 location, which will be bought out of the bankruptcy estate in 2016 and completely renovated and refurnished by the FIS Group.

Following renovation of the Frankys Imbiss in 2015, a completely new building will then take place in 2017 on the property in Burgendlandstraße, which in the meantime belongs to the company. Standstill is a foreign word for us. Therefore, we already have the next project in the pipeline. We have purchased a plot of land in Josef-Wilberger-Straße, on which the new headquarters will be built in 2018. The building will also house a production hall for e-cigarettes and a filling plant for e-liquids.

At the beginning of 2020 FIS Restaurant GmbH, FIS Carwash GmbH, FIS Zerspanungstechnik GmbH and Vapor Giant GmbH were brought under the umbrella of FIS Holding GmbH.

  • FIS Restaurant GmbH operates the popular FRANKYS Restaurant at Burgenlandstraße 33.
  • FIS Carwash GmbH includes FRANKYS Carwash at Hallerstraße 237 and FRANKYS Cleanpark at Grabenweg 62.
  • FIS Zerspanungstechnik manufactures high-precision CNC components at Josef-Wilberger Str. 53.
  • Vapor Giant GmbH, located at Josef-Wilberger Str. 53, focuses on the trade with e-cigarettes and liquids.

2021 the car trade with high-quality used cars was resumed. The FIS Authaus and www.deinautohaus.at are part of FIS Autowelt GmbH.

What comes next? We will see – we stay in motion!



The FIS Holding GmbH gets a new home.


In 2020 our new headquarters in Josef-Wilberger-Straße was completed.
With our own filling plant for E-Liquids and production facility for E-Cigarettes we can guarantee quality and on-time delivery.

FIS Holding HQ

Vapor Giant Store Innsbruck

FRANKYS Restaurant


FRANKYS Cleanpark

FIS Holding GmbH

Josef-Wilberger-Str. 53
A-6020 Innsbruck

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